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We are a professional and friendly 'one stop shop' for all your auto repair and service needs. Based in Ipswich, we can provide everything from a bulb to an engine replacement, a valet to welding, tyres, exhausts and windscreens on almost any vehicle; you have no need to take your car for repair anywhere else. Give us a call on 01473 232 237 or find us below.

  • We employ skilled mechanics
  • We use up to date diagnostic equipment
  • We charge sensible prices using only quality parts
  • We can service and repair all makes and ages of vehicle
  • We aim to provide customers with an all round excellent service
  • We are always happy to take the time to explain any necessary repairs to our customers before they are undertaken
  • We are conveniently situated near the football ground, just a short walk to Ipswich town centre. Drop you car off in the morning and pick it up when you are ready
  • We offer a courtesy car if requested, subject to availability

Our Services


Regular servicing, to manufacturer's recommendations, prolongs the life of your vehicle. It also helps you plan maintenance before it becomes a necessity. We service all makes and models of car and light vehicle, regardless of age. We recommend that you have a service every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever is first. This should be more often if you regularly do stop start journeys.

EU ruling now states that owners can have their car service by independent garages, if they so wish, without invalidating their warranty. The warranty will be unaffected as long as the garage service is in accordance with the manufacturers service schedule and the parts used are of an appropriate quality and are recorded as such. All of our parts are sourced from OE (Original Equipment) suppliers. Interim Service from £60 plus VAT.

Mechanical Repairs

We can carry out mechanical repairs to your vehicle, from replacing bulbs, batteries and wiper blades, from stock, to replacing exhausts, cam belts, radiators, steering and suspension components, clutches, gear boxes and engine rebuilds or replacement. If you have a problem with your car, no matter how minor you think the problem may be, we are always happy to arrange a convenient time for inspection and repair. You can be assured that we only use the highest quality replacement parts and lubricants, ensuring again that manufacturer's warranties are not affected and that quality is not compromised.

Diagnostic Testing/Auto Electronics

Warning lights on? - we can fix it - We have a comprehensive range of dealer level diagnostic tooling, which includes the latest computer based software. Our in-house Auto Electrician has access to a full range of detailed data and wiring diagrams, so that we are always up-to-date with the latest technology. We endeavour to find any problem with a vehicle in the shortest amount of time; keeping downtime and costs to a minimum.

Our diagnostic equipment allows us to specialise in the following systems :-

  • Fuel Injection
  • Engine Management
  • Dashboards
  • Air bags
  • Abs Brakes
  • Transmissions
  • Climate control
  • Auto Electronics
  • Wiring Looms
  • Alternators
  • Starter Motors

Tyres, Exhausts and Batteries

  • We are not a Tyre and Exhaust Centre, however we offer competitive prices on all makes of tyre. It is important to check that your tyres are legal, road worthy and at the correct pressure according to your service book. This ensures both safety and cost effective motoring.
  • We are able to fit new or, in some cases, repair existing exhaust systems.
  • We will check, test and, if necessary, replace batteries at very competitive rates.


It is your responsibility to ensure that your car has an MOT test every 12 months. It is a legal requirement in the UK and if you do not have a current MOT you will be unable to renew your road tax and it may affect your insurance. We can present your car for the MOT; if it fails, no retest fee will be charged after the necessary work has been carried out.

Air Conditioning

On average it is recommended that you have your air conditioning checked every two years. If you feel that it is not performing as it should, it probably needs re-charging. Efficient air conditioning is beneficial all year round and if it is not working correctly it can dramatically reduce the fuel consumption of your car. In addition to travelling in a constant, pleasant, temperature, an added benefit for many allergy sufferers is the removal of the majority of dust and pollen from your travelling environment. This may require replacing of the cabin or pollen filter. During the winter, air conditioning ensures that your car remains mist and condensation free. We offer an air conditioning service from £41.66 plus VAT.

We also offer :-

  • A refrigerant leak detection service including pressure testing using oxygen free nitrogen.
  • A Full sanitation service using non evasive ozone treatment, including a pollen filter replacement.


We offer a recovery service to customers, using our own breakdown truck, enabling us to keep the costs down if your car needs recovering to our garage.

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