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Car Servicing – From your local, independent garage

Our car servicing handles all makes and models of cars and light vehicles – no matter the age. Our team of experts take the time to thoroughly inspect your vehicle during servicing, ensuring that your car is in a dependable condition – fit to be relied on when out on the roads.

Why should you invest in regular servicing?

Regular servicing pays in more ways than one – it can increase the lifespan of your vehicle, protect its value and help you in avoiding unexpected surprises in the form of failed components. Should our team pick up upon problems that have so far gone unnoticed they’ll let you know there and then – allowing you to take the remedial steps necessary that could save you an expensive repair bill.

Regularly servicing your vehicle is also essential for protecting your warranty (should you need a manufacturer specialist service, simply ask the team). There’s no longer any requirement for you to visit your dealership for this service.

How often should your vehicle be serviced?

For the majority of cars a full service every 12 months, or 12,000 miles (whichever comes soonest) is sufficient to ensure a comprehensive maintenance schedule.

Where a vehicle covers significantly more than the average number of miles a year, or where regular stop/start journeys are undertaken (such as can be the case when with city centre traffic) an interim service may well be advisable. If you’re unsure as to which service level you should choose, simply ask the team and they’ll advise accordingly.

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What does our servicing include?

Our full service covers 69 varying points, amongst which is: drain the engine oil and refill; replacement oil filter; radiator check; coolant cap seal check; replacement air filter; check of antifreeze and top up if required.

We always use Original Equipment Specification Parts – this provides peace of mind that the parts we’ve installed are of the highest of quality (and, where a warranty is in place, that you’re absolutely protected, should you ever need to rely on your warranty in the future).

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